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We have been successfully designing and building houses and cottages since 2007, which is why design is so in demand with experience in construction and attention to the smallest details. We provide interesting solutions for individual exclusive design without standard solutions.

The uniqueness of the Nordhill lies in its ability to cover all stages of the construction process, from design to finishing, always guaranteeing the exclusivity of the design and the high quality of execution of each individual project, thought out, designed and implemented with constant care for the customer.

Why you should choose us?

The head of the company consolidates our team to achieve the highest level control. Projects are not mass-oriented thus they are neither replicated nor copied. Our international experience allows to make architectural solutions and reliable constructions.

All information about materials and correspondent technologies used in projects is freely available. Detailed information is sent to the client's email, which allows to compare quality, workloads and costs of manufacturers.

Interactive projecting and constructing. The company is totally responsible for the work performance under the contract and chooses materials that meet operating requirements. The client gets information about all materials durability and also has all information about compliance with building codes and regulations.

We are
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We are always disciplined when we work with the clients in regard of the construction work performance thus there are no problems with performing our obligations. Our company does not allow any defects or non-compliance with the state standard or technical conditions from the manufacturer's part. We work with manufacturers and major suppliers of construction materials who accept complaints and immediately respond to claims from our side.

We want to pay a special attention to YOU. In this connection you can use the forms below. Use the form “Send information to the head” if You want to send a personal message to the head of the company. If you can't reach us by phone, use the form “Request a call back” and we'll contact You very soon.

Guided by transparent relations between parties during the work performance we achieve high quality results.

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